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CALYPSO South joins European meeting on HF radar data standards
22nd - 24th October 2018
Participants at HF radar 
                 meeting in Bilbao
Participants in the HF radar work camp held in Bilbao

An HF Radar Workcamp with the theme “The EU standard: make it your own” was held in Bilbao between the 22nd and 24th of October 2018. CALYPSO South was represented at this meeting by Adam Gauci and Fulvio Capodici.

The aim of the workcamp was to take a major step forward in the standardization of European HF radar data by providing training sessions on the use of free software tools for HF radar data conversion to the European HF Radar standard. This standard is established through European projects like Jerico-Next, SeaDataCloud and INCREASE (CMEMS-SE), under the supervision of the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team and with the collaboration of many representatives of the European HFR community.

The European HFR Standard was introduced during the first session of the workcamp, where the adopted metadata scheme, Quality Control procedures and data formats were described. In the second part, two practical sessions were held in parallel, during which two different software tools (one in Matlab and one in Java) were introduced. Participants were then able to convert their own radial and total HFR data to the European HFR Standard.

The CALYPSO Network was one of 39 HF radar sites, which together make up 63% of all operating HF radar systems in Europe, that participated in this meeting. The ultimate objective of the workcamp was to provide a common European framework on HFR data standardization and open data policies, which are aligned with current plans to integrate data from the different European HFR networks into the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Services (CMEMS) by 2020.

The CALYPSO South project aims to extend the existing HF radar coverage of the CALYPSO network further towards the West in the Malta-Sicily Channel, and towards the South by covering the southern approaches to the Maltese Islands. Furthermore, the project will endeavour to improve data delivery services and to provide data users with operational data quality parameters that describe the performance of the radar observing system.