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WP3 System Implementation
Location of radars in the CALYPSO network 
                    including the new radars
Location of radars in the CALYPSO network including the new radars

This work package constitutes the baseline for the whole project. The focal activities are:

  1. The extension of the existing CALYPSO radar network with two additional radar sites on the southern coast of Malta (Għar Lapsi) and Gozo (Ta’ Ċenċ), and a third radar on the southern Sicilian coast (Licata), builds upon the existing radar network composed of the four CODAR SeaSonde radars. The work includes a radar frequency transmission assessment at Għar Lapsi to assess the best technical specifications for the future extension of the radar network to cover a greater area south of Malta with installations in Lampedusa and Linosa.
  2. Lagrangian drifters will be deployed and two ADCP surveys will be conducted to validate the data measured by the network.
  3. Personnel will receive training at the appropriate level depending on whether they are new to the system or already experienced.
  4. The installation of automatic weather stations in key ports in Malta (Grand Harbour, Cirkewwa and Delimara) and Sicily (Ragusa, Pozzallo and Mazara). This will form part of an operational system, called PORTO, to be developed in the project and intended to provide holistic information needed for safer navigation in ports especially during entry/exit of big ships. The system will combine meteo-marine conditions from observations and models. All the systems will be integrated into a common interface and data delivery system.

HF radar at Ta' Sopu
HF radar at Ta' Sopu
Proposed PORTO network
Proposed PORTO network