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CALYPSO South second progress meeting
17th April 2019 ~ Splendid Hotel la Torre, Mondello, Palermo
Organised by Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente
Second progress meeting held in Palermo

The second progress meeting for the CALYPSO South project was organised by ARPA Sicilia and held on 17th April 2019 at the Hotel La Torre in Mondello, Palermo. It was coordinated by Prof. Aldo Drago, from University of Malta (Calypso South lead partner) and Prof. Giuseppe Ciraolo, from Università di Palermo (Calypso South Sicilian focal point). Representatives from University of Malta, Università di Palermo (Polo Universitario di Trapani), Transport Malta, Cutgana from Università di Catania, Arpa Sicilia and CNR in Capo Granitola, were all present.

During the meeting, each partner reported the progress made so far in the implementation of the project objectives, particularly the HF radar network, the PORTO meteorological network and SARWapp, an application designed to facilitate S&R operations. Plans for further project dissemination and future oil spill simulation exercises were also discussed.

Participants in second progress meeting
CALYPSO South partners during the progress meeting.
17th April 2019
Full Group Committee meeting (all project partner representatives)
09:00 Welcome remarks by hosts
09:15 Introduction to the meeting and general update on the project
Prof. Aldo Drago, Project Leader, University of Malta
10:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners
UNIPA (Dott. Giuseppe Ciraolo, CALYPSO South Sicilian Focal Point focusing on the Sicilian radars)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
UM, TM, UNICT, CNR-ISAO on the PORTO meteorological network and SarWapp
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
TM, CPD, ARPA, UNIPA on the plans for oil spill simulation exercises and stakeholder WG
14:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
UM, UNIPA on the HF radar data enhancement
14:30 Planning the project dissemination activities
UM, UNIPA on the plans to synergise the project promotional activities by partners
15:30 Coffee break
Steering Committee meeting (Delegated SC members and WP leaders)
Chaired by Prof. Aldo Drago, CALYPSO South Project Leader
15:45 Project administrative matters and preparation of the next reporting and project claim of expenses
Review of project activities following the meeting deliveries;
Assessment of results, progress and problems encountered by WP;
CALYPSO info and publicity strategy;
Plan and commitments for next six months;
Review of management procedures for project implementation;
Other matters requiring the approval of the Steering Committee
17:15 Closure
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